My story about ulcerative colitis and Share | Original plum® | aug 8, 2022

By Ejnar Slot

In October 2019, I was diagnosed with intestinal inflammation.
17.10.2019: A feces test – Calprotectin showed 113. Not more than 50 is accepted. So something has to be done.
17.12.2019: Calprotectin showed 2910. So now a big alert.

Laboratory results from 2019 showing calprotectin of 2910 * 10^-6.

Test results in 2019 – Calprotectin was through the roof!

January 2020: Binoculars study found ulcerative colitis. I was told that it is chronic, and that I should take medication – maybe always, (but chronic probably means that you do not have a known treatment method that works). But in I think there must be other ways to cure it.
My friend Tianshu suggested that I take a talk with her friend Alice, who is a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor. Alice tested my health, and she told me that they had some good experiences with Share | Original plum®, and that the experience from her customers was that it could make the gut healthy again.
17.01.2020 I decided not to take any medicine.
I started eating a Share | Original plum® every day. I could see that some kind of cleansing was happening. I was not in pain and I was getting acupuncture regularly.
About 9 months later, I thought, I had to have my intestinal inflammation and ulcerative colitis checked. Fortunately, it was good news. The doctor wrote to me: “There is nothing to notice” which was a big surprise. So I immediately had to go to to see what had happend. It was a miracle. Now the Calprotectin showed under the limit on 50. It was 43.

Laboratory results from 2020 showing that calprotectin had dropped to 43 * 10^-6.

Test results in 2020. Calprotectin was much lower.

In the time since, I have eaten a Share | Original plum® every day.
The next tests are as follows:
04.03.2021 Calprotectin showed < 15
06.04.2022 Calprotectin showed < 15

Graph showing the development in calprotectin levels over time.

Development in calprotectin levels.

The lab wrote the last 3 times that is was not any sign of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).

Laboratory results from 2021 showing steady calprotectin level of less than 15 * 10^-6.

Calprotectin level in 2021. Very small amounts detected.

Laboratory results from 2022 showing steady calprotectin level of less than 15 * 10^-6.

Calprotectin level in 2022. Again very small amounts detected.